01.13.2012 - WFFC Vehicle Extrication Training

WFFC hosted a vehicle extrication training this past week, under the command of NYS instructor Jay Mazurkiewicz. Vehicle extrication is the process of removing the vehicle from around a person that has been involved in a motor vehicle accident, when conventional means of exit are impossible or unadvisable. A delicate approach is needed to minimize injury to the victim during the extrication. This operation is typically accomplished by utilizing chocks and bracing for stabilization and hydraulic tools, including the Jaws of Life. I'm proud to say that our company showed expertise and efficiency during the practical scenarios and would like to say thank you to all who donated vehicles to the cause. If you would like to donate a vehicle to West Falls Fire Company (or youíre local co.) please make the call today. The more we can practice, the more efficient the process becomes, plus itís a tax deductible donation. If you would like to check out a few photos from the training, just head over to the WFFC Facebook. Be Safe!

11.2011 - WFFC Welcomes Latest Members!

West Falls Fire Company would like to introduce to the community and extend a very warm welcome to the latest members of our ever growing team; Senior members Gabby Pratt, Christopher Keyser and Jim Webster, as well, our latest Junior member; Kacie DiPasqualie. WFFC and the West Falls community are grateful to have you with us. Thank you!

07.2011 - House Warming Party 2011! Tannery Burn ...

On Saturday, June 18th, the West Falls Fire Company conducted a live burn of a house on Tannery road in West Falls NY. Lots of time and effort went into appropriating the property, and the event went off without a hitch. Several companies were on location. We all had a great learn and a great time. Thanks to all that made it possible and to the Firefighters/EMT's that came out to drill with us. Looking forward to the next event. Please check out photos of the burn, on our Facebook page (while you're there, give it a "like" and join us for up to date events, info and random goodness.

2011 - Purchased with your generous donations

WFFC has used proceeds from past fund drives to purchase an ambulance that will be donated to the Aurora Colden Fire District #6. The demand for ambulance services in our community is increasing. By purchasing the ambulance and staffing it with our 100% volunteer EMS squad we are doing our best to provide a vital service to the members of our community, while trying to minimize the tax burden on homeowners.

Memorial Day 2011 "Never Forget" & Parade info!

"...gather around their sacred remains and garland the passionless mounds above them with choicest flowers of springtime....let us in this solemn presence renew our pledges to aid and assist those whom they have left among us as sacred charges upon the Nation's gratitude,--the soldier's and sailor's widow and orphan."
--General John Logan, General Order No. 11, 5 May 1868

Our thanks, thoughts and prayers are with all, now and past, in service of our communities and this great nation."Never Forget"

Please join us for the West Falls Memorial Day Parade! Monday, May 30th. We'll meet up in the parking lot of the West Falls Bible Church, 1823 Davis Road, at 9:45AM. After the parade, all are welcome and encouraged to join us at the West Falls Fire Hall for a "blessing of the new ambulance" ceremony.

06.06.2011 - Notice to Bidders

The Aurora Colden Fire District #6 will be accepting bids for an ambulance. Copies of the bid may be obtained at the Aurora Town Hall, 5 S. Grove Street, East Aurora. Please return bids to Aurora Colden Fire District #6, P.O. Box 140, West Falls, New York 14170, or deliver directly to the West Falls Fire Hall, at 1864 Davis Road, West Falls, New York, no later than 8 pm on June 6th, 2011. Sealed bids must be marked "for Aurora Colden District #6 Ambulance." Bids will be open at 8:30 pm on June 6, at the West Falls Fire Hall. The Aurora Colden Fire District #6 reserves the right to reject any and all bids.


A meeting of the Aurora Colden Fire District #6 will be held on Thursday, April 21, 2011 at 6:30PM, for the purpose of title transfer from the 1999 ambulance of the Aurora Colden Fire District #6, to the West Falls Fire Company.

05.15.2011 - Easter Egg Hunt!

Join us, Saturday, April 23rd at 2PM at the West Falls Conservation Club,
on Bridge St, in sunny West Falls!
Ages: Infant through 10 years. West Falls residents only, please.
This event is rain or shine and there will be prizes and refreshments!
This wonderful event is presented by the West Falls Fire Company Ladies' Auxiliary. Join us for some family fun!

We have a completely new website! Almost ...

Yep, we have a new website brewing, but it's not nearly finished! So please excuse us, for a little while at least, if you happen upon a broken link or a page that has yet to be updated. It should fill in nicely over the next few weeks and by the end of spring, you'll be spending hours and hours on the couch with your laptop and family, absorbing all kinds of great information on upcoming events, safety, the goings on at the Fire Company and how we're determined to be prepared to be there for you in any situation, even the traditional cat in the tree scenario. Don't forget about our upcoming Easter Egg Hunt and Super Spaghetti Dinner! More info below . Thank you for your continual support.